Like any move, moving your business is stressful, with added pressures, as your (and your employees’) livelihood depends on its success and ensuring that the move runs as smoothly as possible. Here are some suggestions to make it as successful as possible.

Choose the right removals company

Choose the right removal company. The best isn’t always the cheapest, so ensure you choose one that is professional and understands your needs. We would strongly recommend that you select a reputable company in order to safeguard the confidential information of clients, as this is one time that you really need the experts. Shop around and contact different companies, explaining your needs. A quality removals firm may even be able to move you outside of normal business hours to help reduce the disruption to your company and clients.

Arrange a call-out

Ideally, your removal company needs to see your office in order to ensure that the move will be completed as efficiently and swiftly as possible. They may have tips and suggestions that will save you time and money in your move, so listen to the experts.

Plan to succeed

Start planning. Make an office plan for your new location, so that your employees know where they will be located and then they can start working on this. Give a copy to all employees.

Boxing clever

Use your head. Items such as filing cabinets don’t need to be emptied. Instead, these can be moved as they are, to your new location, saving time and effort. Just fill in on your new office plan where these items need to be relocated.

Care for your computers

Take care with computers. Make sure that all wires and cables are detached and placed in labelled bags, so that you know which computer they belong with. Bubble-wrap all monitors, taking care to wrap with removal blankets and store carefully, avoiding stacking. Make sure all information is stored on a hard-drive that can be stowed away carefully, or better still, save to the Cloud, such as iDrive.

Out with the old

Clear out clutter. Use a move to get rid of old office equipment, damaged or broken chairs and tables and unneeded electronics. Donate re-usable items to charity / office clear-out auctions. 

Make sure your clients can find you

Update contact information. Ensure that your energy providers have been contacted and that your new address and phone number have been provided to clients and recorded on your website. Contact business directories with these new changes.

Today’s takeaway: As a professional business you want the big move to take place with as little disruption to your business operation as possible so make sure you let the professional take things in hand and organise your move. It’s a sound investment.