Moving home is all about change and while change means great possibilities, it can also cause a lot of upheaval. Different people can be affected differently and some people find adjusting a bit of a challenge, especially children.

However, moving home can be a great adventure for the whole family if properly planned. As an experienced removals company, we work closely with the families we move to make it as easy as possible and we know that certain things can really help.

Here are a few tips we know help make moving home with children go smoothly:

1. Let them know early on

Children, both younger and older need time to get used to the idea that they’re going to be leaving their familiar and comforting home. Give them time for the news to settle in and expect reactions from tears to tantrums.

2. Get to know the new neighbourhood

Prior to the Big Move, take the kids to visit your new neighbourhood and if possible, your children’s schools, so that they can get used to the unfamiliar locality. 

3. Get them involved in the “Big Move”

On the Big Move Day, give the children a box to fill with their favourite items. This will help them to feel part of the relocation and get them adjusted to the whole experience. Older kids: don’t forget to involve them in bigger decisions, such as their opinion on planning in your new home.

4. Pack a bag of favourite items

Ensure that your child’s loved items are easy to find, before and after your moving trip. Label the box clearly and pack it last. Or even better, transport it yourself in your car, to avoid any mishaps.

5. Plan your move

Some experts say that moving is best during the summer holidays, other suggest that mid-year means that your kids can meet and make friends with other children immediately. Teens will need to socialise, so ensure that they can meet up with old friends, while gaining opportunities to make some new ones.